Everything in its place

One thing an adult child from chaos craves: order.

One thing an adult child from chaos finds nearly impossible to create: order.

So I sit in the middle of my cluttered home and I organize the living crap out of my knitting needles.

The top row holds all of my bamboo needles, as well as one pair of aluminum #7’s. I plan on replacing slowly as I go, since packets of bamboo needles are cheap and the teeny ones are already driving me nuts.

Down the sides: my 16″ circular needles on the left, my 40″ ones. Those are for blankets and stuff; I should have gotten 24″, which is the size for sweaters. Eh. Next time. They are also cheap bamboo — as I go on, I will replace them with interchangeable cables and tips, especially as I’ve heard horror stories about cables breaking and dropping yards of stitches. Also, they will eventually take up less space.

In the small front pocket: stitch markers and rubber needle tips for when I am finished for the day and I don’t want my knitting making a run for it off of the needles.

The middle two row and will all hold double-pointed needles someday, but right now all I’ve gotten for this is a set of #7’s. I’m going to tackle cable-knitting next, making myself a pair of knitted gauntlets.

I love that they call hand-warmers or fingerless gloves ‘gauntlets’ in this pattern. When I head out this winter, I shall be well-armed for battle with my demons.