Back to basics

Last night I had a lot to do, including taking my very confused and sick partner to Urgent Care, so my knitting was all practice: practicing starting on the edge with a purl (finally figured out how not to add a stitch, I think — thanks for all of the advice!), practicing how to do a braided cable (I have a long way to go in that — yay!), and continually interrupting myself and dropping the needles and yarn to move from one room to another as we were called for intake, the exam, labs, the waiting room, and back for the doctor’s explanations. I frogged over and over and re-cast, or found where I was, or began something new. It was restful and easy to be that flexible, because the knitting was so pleasant.

Oh — male-bodied people get explanations of what all the lab results mean.


Last night I tossed and turned with constant anxiety nightmares involving trying to organize things in a place that other people controlled.

Again: back to basics. (I have these dreams A LOT.)

I don’t know how to tie in the knitting and the dreams and I’m starting to feel a bit under the weather myself so this is all I have today.

I just backspaced over an apology.

I frogged it!


(Image, yanked from the Interwebs, is EXACTLY what my cabling will look like oh so soon.)