Good looks are sometimes deceiving

Here I am, wearing part of the right gauntlet. I was apparently supposed to be keeping track of how many times I repeated the pattern before I started the increases for the hand part, so that the braid would continue correctly.


Also, for next time: Aran weight, like the pattern says, and maybe smaller needles. I can see my skin through the fabric, which seems like a bad idea in a Minnesota winter.


  1. You are doing REALLY well for a first cabling project. It’s really difficult to knit cables without some gaps, and as a beginner you are likely to look at the little gaps and think you are doing something wrong when you’re not – it is possible that if you went to smaller needles you would actually end up knitting too tight. If it is both loose and gappy you might be able to just shrink/felt it slightly to fix that, especially if the yarn isn’t superwash.

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    • Thank you!

      The gapping is where the wool is stretched in the stockinette. I like your idea of washing it to see if it thickens/bins more closely, when they’re all done.


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