Knitting knitting knitting knitting

  1. I sat and knitted at a dinner party last night like a NERRRRRD, as my son says, and it was very nice (worked on the lap blanket, which is straightforward garter stitch, so I didn’t have to think). We talked about women’s work as art, which made me embarrassed to be working on something so boring and functional and then we talked about functional objects as art.
  2. At lunch, a bunch of us got together to work on stuff and a more experienced friend (the one who told me about this pattern in the first place) helped me to fix my disastrous mess of a bindoff and then get set up to finish the thumb tonight.


I mean, best laid plans blah blah blah probably I will have a hideous personal crisis to attend to and set everything on fire but still.

This has nothing to do with knitting but so much personal crap has blown up since I last saw my therapist I had to come in with a checkoff list and photographs.

I want to hide from the world and knit feverishly instead of dealing with any of the crap.

Maybe, just tonight, I will.

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